Why You Should Get New Locks When Moving Home

Why You Should Get New Locks When Moving Home

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When you move home there are multiple things flying around your head. You’ve got to pack everything up, finalise the moving details, and get the new place sorted whilst simultaneously cleaning the old place. All of this is after months of saving, negotiating on price and signing for a mortgage on your new home. One of the last things you’ll think of is upgrading the security system of your new home, but should it be nearer the top of your list?

One of the things that is often overlooked, or not even considered, is changing the locks of your new home. It might seem like an irrelevant nuisance, but there are quite a few major reasons to do so that could shape your entire home security outlook, especially if you have a young family and want to tighten security from all angles.

Who Has a Copy of the Keys to Your New Home?

For many new home owners they will take it on good faith that the previous owner has handed over all known copies of the keys to the property. The previous owner is most likely telling you the truth too, but during their time living in the house they may have given a set of keys to a neighbour whilst they were on holiday, a babysitter, a short-term lodger, or multiple workers who required access. What’s to say that any of those people didn’t make a copy of the key?

You’re Moving into a New Build Home

Even if your house is a new-build and you think there is no way anyone has a copy of your keys as there has been no previous owners, there is a chance that the building firm who were in charge of the site used a master key for all properties on site. Again, it is unlikely that someone would then use this to enter your home, but why take the chance?

Insurance Has You Covered

You might think that if a burglary takes place at your home that it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things as you have insurance in place to cover the cost of lost valuables and any damage that has been caused. However, think about the personal distress for you and your family, and the potential violent burglary that could cause physical harm to you if you are home at the time. Why take the chance with any part of your home security setup?

These are just a few considerations to have about the keys to your new home, and although a lot of it is based around trust, and taking the word of a previous owner, in the modern age what is the relatively small cost of changing the keys if it ensures you have peace of mind and complete control over who has access to your home at any given time. When first moving into a home, quickly get new keys cut and the locks changed, so you know from the outset that can enter your home with a key.

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