Top Three Most Common Types of Plumbing Emergencies

Top Three Most Common Types of Plumbing Emergencies

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All plumbing emergencies call for immediate action. Don’t panic: plumbing emergencies are very common and with the help of a professional, they can be solved easily. You want the plumbing in your house to work well, which is why you should always have a professional plumber come in when you’re having issues. Don’t try and DIY repairs. Just call in for professional repairs instead.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing issue, you may be wondering whether or not it calls for emergency attention. Emergency plumbing issues are different that regular issues because they require immediate attention. Read on to find out more about the top five most common types of plumbing emergencies. If you have any of these issues, contact a reliable Melbourne plumber right away!

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe may cause you to panic. First things first, you should calmly call your plumber right away. If you don’t, your belongings may suffer from water damage and your home may flood. Once you’ve called a plumber, try to remove as many items from the area that may get ruined due to the water.

Most flooding occurs in basements so you can simply move your things upstairs. When a plumber comes to help, he or she will help you by shutting off the water and repairing or replacing the pipe.

Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, they may also burst easily. To avoid a burst, call a plumber in right away and explain the emergency. The pipes will need to be thawed very slowly to avoid bursting. Also, make sure that your pipes are well insulated to avoid this from happening. A professional plumber can help guide you when it comes to adequate insulation.

Gas Leaks

A gas leak is always an emergency. Gas is flammable, which is why you should get out of your home right away and call an emergency plumber, gas services, and emergency services. Make sure your home is totally evacuated, pets included. The gas will be shut off and the leak can then be repaired.

How to Respond to a Plumbing Emergency

No matter what the plumbing emergency may be, follow the simple steps below to safely deal with any plumbing emergency. One of the most important things to do is to never put off calling a plumber or attempt DIY repairs in plumbing emergency situations.

Step One

Assess the situation. If there is imminent danger, evacuate immediately. If not, do not attempt any DIY solutions. You should try to remain as calm as possible at this time, regardless of the issue. Also, note anything that you can do in the meantime to distract yourself or help the situation.

Step Two

Call a plumber for emergency plumbing services. He or she will come to meet and help you as soon as possible. Make sure you have a reliable plumbing contact in your phone in case of these kinds of emergencies.

Step Three

When a plumber comes to help, let him or her do his or her job. He or she will do his or her best to assist you and solve your issue.

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