Some Important Tips to Avoid Water Damage at Home

Some Important Tips to Avoid Water Damage at Home

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Water damages can cause some critical problems to you or your house. Water damage can come in any form or type for instance pipe leaks, burst, drips, clogs, which can result in plumbing accidents or even flood. Most people don’t take serious measures in their day to day schedule that can avoid any type of water damage. In fact, maximum water damages are caused due to our negligence.

With all these issues the first thing you should always do is to call local plumber or in case of any major trouble call water damage services Gilbert AZ. There are so many companies out there in this area, which take immediate action in case of emergency.

Water damages can cause you huge loss as even a normal overflow of drainage system could be expensive. Therefore, let’s take a look at few tips than can help you to ignore any damage:

  1. Clean gutters and clogged drains:

This is a less expensive method and must be done at least once in every six months and for doing so you may require new hoses, washers, caulk and fittings. Cleaning gutters will help in avoiding ice dams and water blockage as blocked water can harm your roof, gutter and uncontrolled overflow will turn in to puddles, which could possibly harm your foundation. Also, clean and secure downspouts from time to time so that water can flow through easily.

  1. Disconnect hoses:

Motionless water in a pipeline can cause ice block, which stops the flow of water. By not disconnecting, it can burst the pipes and can damage the floor, walls or even foundation.

  1. Properly investigate leaks and fix them promptly:

Due to the busy schedule, most of us don’t get time to look in these matters and ignore dampness damage and postpone necessary repairs, which can make you to experience dry rot, mold, mildew and structural destruction to your house.

There are few more things which you must be aware of which could be upgrading washing machine hoses, installing water detection devices or check the water pressure and appliances regularly.


One thing you must always keep in mind and remember is that home insurance policies only cover sudden and accidental damages, but not the one which is caused due to negligence and non maintenance. Hence, try to be attentive in case of water damages.

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