Retractable Awnings: Why Are They So Popular?

Retractable Awnings: Why Are They So Popular?

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Awnings are very common throughout Australia. Awnings were primarily made for commercial use since most shops had pretty big windows in the front. Nobody wants the harsh Australian sun bearing down on him or her throughout the course of the day. As a result, rather than putting down the shutters or blinds, many shops preferred getting awnings installed on top of the windows. Awnings basically provide shade against the sun when they are fully extended. However, it wasn’t long before companies started offering residential awnings as well.

Available in plenty of different styles, fabric materials, and designs, retractable awnings are generally the most popular choice for homes. Also known as folding arm awnings, these awnings are ideal for use in a variety of different settings. They offer plenty of benefits that you don’t get with conventional awnings and have widely become the primary choice for most homeowners who want to get new awnings installed. Here are just some of the many reasons why folding arm awnings are the ideal choice.

Easy to Maintain

Homeowners can’t afford to spend a great deal of money on regular maintenance of conventional awnings. As a result, if you are getting awnings installed in your house, you need to opt for a type of awning that’s easy to maintain. Fixed awnings are generally not a wise idea because you can’t roll them back. However, folding arm awnings are generally a wise choice because they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are also considerably easier to maintain.

You don’t need to call in the maintenance guys after every few months. The good thing about these awnings is that they operate on a very simple lever-based mechanism. Some folding arm awnings have a small rotating wheel installed that you can use in order to extend or retract the awnings. All you have to do is apply grease on the awnings at least once a year to ensure that they don’t become too rigid and you are good to go.


Folding arm awnings are also quite flexible. These awnings are available in a whole range of different shapes and sizes. Most companies that offer such awnings also offer custom options to their clients; you can get custom awnings installed in your house based on the size of the windows. The company will send over a team of professionals to first measure the dimensions of the windows and will then give you a quote based on the type of awning you choose.

Folding arm awnings are generally available in a range of different fabrics. You can choose the fabric on your own based on your requirements and the company will install it for you. Perhaps the biggest advantage that these awnings offer when compared to other options available in the market is that they are much more affordable, especially when you consider the value for money that they offer when compared with other choices. These are just some of the main reasons why these awnings are so commonly used in houses.

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