Quick Ten Minute Fixes Around Your Houston Home

Quick Ten Minute Fixes Around Your Houston Home

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Every Houston homeowners know that sooner or later those little things that annoy you will need your attention. Now, we aren’t talking about the big DIY projects or the ones that you need an expert in to help. If your garage door stops working you don’t try to fix it yourself, you call in your local garage door service Houston has in abundance. Well, if you live in Houston you do, at least.

But the kind of fixes we are talking about are quick and easy to do, take a minimum of tools, and won’t destroy your plans for the weekend. Since we all look forward to relaxing on the weekend, not spending all our time taking care of home repair projects, that is always good to know.

So, read through this list and then take a walk through your home, pen and paper in hand. I am betting at least half of these are already on a mental list as part of your promises to keep that home in good shape. Plan well and the rest of the weekend is yours!

Door Hinges

This is one we all ignore until it gets beyond annoying. Check each door to see if it squeaks, though you may already know which ones to fix. If you have some WD-40, you know the little tins I am talking about, put a bit of that on each hinge and move the door back and forth to work the oil in well.

If you don’t have it, you can use petroleum jelly on a rag to achieve the same result. Repeat on the bottom hinge and move on to the next door. Come the think of it, this is the kind of thing you can take care of while walking around and making your list if you grab the WD-40 before you start your walk-through.

Squeaky Wooden Floors

While the true fix is probably in the joists, you can do a temporary fix if you have wooden floors or even floors made up with those squares. Just sprinkle a bit of very fine talcum powder on the area and sweep it around so it falls into the cracks between tiles or boards.

This will stop the creaking you hear, which is the sound of the two sides rubbing against each other. When you have the time, check below to see if a joist holding up that section has weakened and replaced it. But today, the talcum powder will work just fine.

Dusting that Chandelier

While I don’t personally care much for crystal chandeliers, I know that plenty of homes come with them already installed. So, we tend to leave them there and say we will change them out someday. But those things get dusty, and the crystals on them tend to catch that dust and make it really obvious after a bit of time. But cleaning them can be a chore, unless you use my little trick.

Grab an old pair of cloth gloves. Leave one dry and lightly spray the other one with a mixture of vinegar and water. Then use the damp glove to clean the fixture and crystals, just by running your hand along it. Dry with the dry glove. You will be done in less than five minutes and can safely ignore it for another six months.

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