Great stylish ways to make your house more colorful.

Great stylish ways to make your house more colorful.

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Living in Houston, you usually end up in houses with carpeted floors and heavy curtains that make your entire home look like a creamy puffy pastry. Although you still need for your shower a Water Heater in Houston is a necessity. Though it can get very hot and this type of decoration is not the most adequate to have inside your home.

Favor Raw Materials

Carpeted floors and a lot of fabric all around the house is keeping the warmth inside. Instead of using this old materials, turn towards wood and tiles. If you have a big space, try to not dress it up with carpets. You might want to create the illusion of a carpet with tiles that will be easy to clean and original. The first step would to figure out dimensions to cut in your floor in order to replace it with colored tiles and amazing designs. Tiles add colors to your house and also give it a Mediterranean look that is refreshing. You can find great tiles for rather cheap: just shop online to find the ones you want. Just keep in mind that the dimensions are the key element to whatever tile you will choose.

Paint your stairs to give cachet to your entrance

Stairs are usually overlooked as an element of décor. However, there are endless possibilities of customizing them. Feel free to paint the dark wooden steps and get rid of the not so chic retro look. Stairs can be used to create a rainbow effect, painting each step of a different color. You can also paint all the steps in white and if you are inspired by a particular quote you can paint it on the steps.

Use bright paint to create a unique look in small areas

Toilets, bathrooms and sometimes kitchens are smaller areas in the house. Because they are smaller and not living spaces, most people do not focus on making them pretty or unique. Paint is an awesome way to make these rooms stand out. Electric blue in bathrooms can really give them a modern fresh look and make your house look unique and original. White shades are do not recommended in bathrooms and kitchens as they tend to be dirty faster and the color will fade from being washed all the time. Spare yourself the hassle of having to watch out for every stain by your stove; find a bright color that you like and stick to it.

If you have children, do not hesitate to paint directly on the walls of their room like a giraffe or a lion to give the room an African tale look. They will love it.

Give your House Consistency

It is not because you like color that your house has to look like a rainbow. You need to find ways to make your house look coherent. One way to do this is use plants and accessories that will work as a link between all the rooms. You can also use paint to put touches of a single color in all the rooms to recreate harmony. Just before painting everything, sit down and think globally of what you would like you house to look like in order to avoid any faux pas.

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